July 6, 2018

I’ve lived in Manhattan now for a few years and have wanted to see the Macy’s 4th of July FIreworks since moving here. The Professor has never been all that eager to fight the crowds, however. Because of that, and our schedule, I haven’t tried all that hard and it has remained on my bucket list. This year, I decided we were going to do it and started to think about how to accomplish it without spending the $250-500 pp listed for all the viewing options (boats, parties etc).

Things to be concerned about:

1. The Professor had no interest and to lessen the chance of hearing complaints the whole night, my plans had to be smooth/easy.

2. We live on the West side of Manhattan and the fireworks are located on the East side. Getting from the West side to the East side is NEVER really smooth/...

October 6, 2017

Broadway is a very, very long street in Manhattan, and is home to much more than just shopping and theater crowds. In fact, Broadway is where one of my favorite art galleries is located: in the median that runs down the center of it. This ‘gallery' always features big, outstanding pieces of artwork on display–thanks to the tireless work of the Broadway Mall Association.

The current works which were installed in May 2017 are by Joy Brown and are on display only until next month (November 2017). They start at 168th and are located at these eight locations down Broadway: 168th, 157th, 148th, 117th, 103rd, 96th, 79th, and 72nd. You can ride the subway (1), take the bus (M104), or walk to as many of these as you desire.

The fun thing about these pieces of art is that they...

October 6, 2017

Arctic Exhibition Wear: Useful during NY winters.

This is the first in a series of free stuff to do in Manhattan. I will make a note if they are not appropriate for kids. Not that I have kids, but I think I can judge whether something is safe enough. I just won’t vouch as to whether your kid will like it or not.

 If you’re into fashion, look no further than the Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), located at 7th Avenue at 27th St on the West Side of the city.

This museum’s tagline is it’s The Most Fashionable Museum in New York City. I say they should add the words “That’s Free”, but whatever.

The current exhibition is called Force of Nature and it examines how the beauty and complexity of the natural world have inspired fashion designers for centuries. There are old pieces fr...

November 13, 2016

Where does art, innovation, and hunger relief come together? At Canstruction of course! Canstruction is a unique event that brings together teams of volunteers to build amazing art pieces out of cans of food.

 Canstruction has helped to bring 40 million pounds of food to local food banks since 1992.

The Yes and the No below are the same structure–just seen from different vantage points. Amazing!!

The New York City event is currently on display at the Brookfield Place Mall on Vesey Street until November 16, 2016. 

At the end of the exhibition all food is donated to a local hunger relief organization–City Harvest.

Please come check out this free event and see what can be done with 2,000 cans of tuna or 900 cans of olives or a boatload of beans or…

And be sure to bring some cans of food to dona...

November 3, 2016

I cannot stress enough how the best things to be discovered in NYC are found when just walking down the street. Oftentimes, it pays to walk down a street you don’t normally walk down. Usually, I walk down Amsterdam when I go to the Whole Foods, but yesterday I walked down the next street over, which is Columbus.

And I’m so glad I did, when I came across this fun leftover from Halloween just a few blocks from my house.

It’s a public garden that was filled with the lovely scary look of Halloween: hearts and eyeballs hanging from trees, doll-baby heads growing in bushes and giant monsters lurking in the greenery.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.  I’ll be sad to see all this fun scariness go.  In the meantime, please enjoy!

Thanks to the Greenthumb people who oversee this garde...

October 10, 2016

Looking for some free fun in Manhattan? A city where everything costs as much as Donald Trump’s yearly self-tanner supply?

My friend and I spent a recent rainy Sunday morning doing just that. (Finding free fun—not purchasing vast amounts of self-tanner.)

We headed down to the Lower East Side and checked out the wonderful graffiti art on 100 roll-up doors for businesses scattered all around the neighborhood. They were part of an art project that was installed by the 100 Gates Project people. Here is a map and a list of business addresses available from their website: www.100gates.nyc.

We met at 7:00am and got to the neighborhood about 7:30am. After a pastry and coffee, we were off and managed to see quite a few of them before we got tired of being cold and wet and decided to call it a day.


October 2, 2016

They are joined by several birds of prey, a donkey, two horses and two tortoises of varying sizes, sheep, goats, rabbits, a fox, a coatimundi, a cow, a lizard, a white peacock,  various water fowl, assorted clergy members, a choir, dancers, musicians, numerous dogs of every size, tourists, photographers, puppet artists, and a variety of miscellaneous saints and sinners.

This is no long-winded joke intro. Today was the annual Blessing of the Animals at St. John the Divine—the amazing European-style church down the street from our apartment.

On the first Sunday of each October, people come to this special service dragging their furry four-legged friends to be blessed for the year.

Most of the dogs appear to be atheists or agnostics and are not too impresse...