Who Am I?

The purpose of this site is to not only share my humor and travel writing, but to show 'Women of Any Age' that it's never too late to go on an adventure or to explore your interests!


I'm a native Californian and a 'Woman of a Certain Age' who never expected​ to live anywhere else. In 2012 I relocated with my husband, 'The Professor', to Manhattan for his job. Leaving the things I love--family, longtime friends, inexpensive California wines, and San Francisco sourdough--was not easy at first. But now, I am enjoying all that Manhattan offers.


November 2015 I began another journey. I flew to Tokyo to join The Professor for 9 months of living and exploring.

I like to travel, write, and work in the world of meetings and trade shows. 


And why Flying Pants? Not only do I like the visual but it's a play on the phrase that best describes my life so far:


"Flying by the seat of my pants: To decide a course of action as you go along, using your own initiative and perceptions rather than a pre-determined plan or mechanical aids." * 

*The Phrase Finder Website


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